Monday January 27th

  • TAM High Course Guide
  • Bulletin News:
    • Jan. 29: Elective Fair
    • Jan. 30: CCC Testing Info Night, 6:00 pm
    • Jan. 31: AIM Informational Meeting in Room 826 during tutorial

Target Learning Objective: Students will be able to describe the structure of DNA



  • TOC #91B: Using your new knowledge on DMD create a model to show the purpose of the dystrophin protein in muscle cells and how it is different in people with DMD.
    • In your model, include the following:
      • What is going on with the muscles?
      • How might the muscles of people with DMD look different than normal muscle?
      • What is the purpose of dystrophin?
  • Use illustrations, words, and/or symbols. Include 4+ colors

Extension: This is Optional. Questions from extensions will appear on an assessment. Each extension question is worth approx. 3% of total assessment grade.

None. Still curious about DNA? Watch here.