Classroom Procedures

Click here for a copy of Classroom Procedures and Expectations

Basic Class Rules: 

Respect yourself, others, and our physical and living environment. Tam is a very special place because we are a group of diverse individuals united by our shared experience. Our vision for Tam Unity: Our actions and words create an inclusive environment in which all students are accepting of everyone:

  • We have a lack of judgement of our peers
  • We are supportive and respectful of others despite and because of differences
  • We help one another when someone is in need, regardless of our social group or status
  • We work together in different situations to ultimately better the school climate.
  • We demonstrate in all of our actions integrity, empathy, respect and community.

Class Schedule:  Our class period will follow an agenda each day.  When you enter, please check the agenda to see what we are doing. Homework is posted below the agenda each class period. Get started on your “Do Now”

Beginning of Class Period: ALWAYS check to see if there is a handout as you enter. Sharpen your pencil or borrow a pencil from sharpened pencil cup. All students are expected to enter the classroom respectfully.  Students are also expected to be in their seats and preparing for class when the bell rings. Students are tardy if they are not in their seats with their phones in the caddy when the bells rings.  

Moving Around the Room: Once you take your seat, please remain there for the duration of the class period unless you are asked to move.  If you need to throw something away, please do so between classes, not during class.

Bathroom: Students may use the restroom 15 minutes after class begins and 15 minutes before class ends. Please sign out one at a time to use the restroom. If a student needs to use the restroom outside of allotted time, please see Ms. Chu to make up class time. Please arrange to use restrooms during breaks and lunch time.

Electronics: Throughout the course, students will be using a variety of technology to facilitate their learning. Electronic devices may be used with explicit teacher permission only. 

Passes and Signatures: Request passes and signatures before or after class.

Throwing:  No item is to be thrown at any time.   

Cosmetics and Personal Grooming: Please do this outside of classtime.

Food and drink: Students are expected to clean up after themselves and leave no trash. The privilege to eat or drink in class may be revoked at any time. No food, gum , or drink allowed during lab activities or at lab benches.

End of Class Period: Please look around your desk area, gather any garbage, and put away any materials. Pick up all of your belongings and take them with you. Wait to be dismissed, then push in chairs and walk to the door. DO NOT  hang out by the door. 

Keys for Success:

  • Have a positive attitude!
  • I am here to help you succeed, so please ask me for help. I am available before and after school in my classroom.
  • Ask lots of questions. If you are unclear about something from class, lab, or from discussion, ask.
  • Classwork, homework, and labs are interrelate. If you don’t understand or see the connections, please ask!
  • Stay organized! Staying organized is about more than being neat and tidy. Students who organize their materials develop and use processes, procedures, and tools to study effectively, are better prepared for courses, participate during instruction, interact with instructors, and self-direct, self-evaluate, self-monitor, and self-advocate. It is in your best interest that you keep your materials organized.