Thursday December 12th

Bulletin NewsImportant Dates:
1st period Final: December 17th
2nd /3rd period Final: December 18th
4th period Final: December 19th
Notebooks are due on Final Day
Tam Winter Visual Art Faire!
The Visual arts Department presents the Tam Winter Visual Art Faire on Thursday 12/12 from 12pm-6pm, and Friday 12/13 from 9am-4pm under the tent in Freshman Court. Student drawing
and painting, photography, graphic design, and ceramics will be on exhibit, and unique handmade gifts and treats will be for sale!

Target Learning Objective: Students will be able to identify the structure of mitochondria and explain the process cellular respiration.


  • Review Notebook Check handout
  • TOC #83A: Read Mark the Text and Answer Qs
  • TOC #81A: Review Fate of Glucose in Interdependence
  • TOC #80 DO NOW 
  • TOC #77: Complete Cellular Respiration Mitochondria Drawing 
  • TOC #76: DO NOW
  • Review Populations Quiz
  • Do Populations Quiz Corrections


  • TOC #83A: Read Mark the Text and Answer Qs if not completed in class
  • Study Guide Requirements:
    • Must be handwritten
    • On separate pieces of paper
    • Must turn in with final
    • Worth 3 extra test points

Extension: This is Optional. Questions from extensions will appear on an assessment. Each extension question is worth approx. 3% of total assessment grade.


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